Installing Analog Core IS230PCAAH1B


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Hi everyone,

We have a problem with the installation of analog core IS230PCAAH1B IO/pack instead of IS230PCAAH1A in MK6e control panel of 9E gas turbine.

I will be happy and appreciate your support.

Hi Ivgman,

You didnt describe the problem!!!

I'll try to respond as I have understand (if the probleme is equality otherwise please tell us your probleme:

Looks like you have changed version A to B.

Simply point on the card from hardware tab, right click and then modify and select "B" from the menu list,
Continue with downloading that card only, of course if equality is ok for the others.

Hopefully, I have well understand your problem.

Mark VIe Fan

You have not described the problem? Just installation issue or something critical? Could you leave your email id so that we can send you manuals just in case you fail to check often.