Looking for Modicon SW-IODR-001 Driver


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Jacob Diemer


I'm trying to add a DEP-215 card to our Compact 984 controller. We're using Proworx NXT 2.2SR8. I keep getting traffic cop errors, and after deciding to read the manual, it seems that I need a loadable driver.

The driver I'm looking for is Modicon SW-IODR-001, and I believe the specific file is dsc1.dat. I can't find it anywhere online. The manual says I can get it by calling the BBS, but not surprisingly, the number is out of service.

Can anyone help me out?
SW-IODR-001 was (is) a floppy disk distribution of a set of loadable drivers.

The file DSC1.dat supported the DEP211, DEP214, DEP215, DEP217 and DAP217 discrete modules.

Post your email and I will send you the required info and files.