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In the upgrade procedure from <I> MS DOS to <HMI> Windows operator for Gas Turbines equipped with the MARK V control panel, there is PROM upgrade in MARK V Controller.

Please which PROM in which Controller we do the upgrade.

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It's not always the same PROMsets that require change when upgrading to a GE Mark V HMI from an <I>.

Generally, the DCC (or SDCC) and LCC (or SLCC) PROMs require upgrading, and depending on the configuration of the Mark V sometimes other PROMs also have to be changed for compatibility reasons.

Hello BB,

We had recently updated our 5 machines Mark V <I> to HMI, during that time GE had replaced all the PROMS in DCC, LCC, TCEA, TCDA, TCQC, TCQA.

Hi Rajesh,
Thank you very much, can you please confirm that the PROMs update was made in <C> controller in TMR panel MARK V. Thanks again.
The <C> core has a DCC/SDCC and LCC/SLCC combination in Location 1, a TCCA in Loc. 2, possibly a TCCB in Loc. 3, and a TCDA in Loc. 1 of <CD>

The <Q> cores have a DCC/SDCC and LCC/SLCC combination in Loc. 1, a TCQA in Loc. 2, possibly a TCQB (or maybe a TCQF) in Loc. 3, TCEAs in Loc's. 1, -3, and -5 of the <P> core, and TCDAs in Loc's. 1, -2 and -3 of the <QDn> core(s) (some Mark Vs have a <QD1> and also a <QD2>, but not all).

The usual reason for upgrading PROMs when performing an <I> to GE Mark V HMI upgrade is to improve the data transfer rates between the Mark V cores and the GE Mark V HMI. Sometimes, other PROMsets need to be upgraded to be compatible with the new DCC/SDCC and/or LCC/SLCC PROMs.