Mark V DWATT Signal Loss

I am working in 6FA machine with Mark V system. Now Machine running with base load (Temperature Control). In S core DWATT signal lost due to transducer failure and others working fine.

What will be the consequence if DWATT signal loss more than one?


If the unit DLN (Dry low NOx) combustors and three, redundant lad transducer inputs, it will likely trip because of the loss of two of the three inputs. DWATT is a very important component of DLN control schemes, and the designers deemed it possibly destructive to the hot gas path components to operate with only a single (out of three) input.
Are you checked Electrical measuring transducer "TRIAD"? Usually installed in Exciter panel, and each controller have own transducer.
Checked and found problem in S core MW transducer in Exciter panel,
it is showing -52MW. Remaining core transducers working fine and DWATT showing real what we generating.

My question is: In this situation what will the consequence if failure of one more transducer which is installed in Exciter panel?

Failed transducer showing -52MW. Transducer failure alarm compactor constant value is below -75MW. At present DWATT voting mismatch alarm persisting.