MARK VIe Instrument List and Instrument Part Number

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I am Ali. I have a investigation on mark VIe control system in frame9 gas turbine. During this investigation I need to instrument list and manufacturer of instrument. Do you have a list that included instrument and model of instruments?

Another requirement is I/O list for mark VIe control system.
I am grateful if you can help me.

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If I understand the original poster's questions, I've never seen complete instrument/device manufacturer/model number information in any Toolbox, ToolboxST or Control Specification drawing.

This kind of information typically has to be compiled by site personnel by methodically going to each field device/instrument and copying down nameplate information. Some commissioning personnel compile this information during commissioning, but not all.

Once this information is compiled, it can be added to Toolbox or ToolboxST, and it's good to have the information in Toolbox or ToolboxST.

GE Part Numbers for devices and instruments (the actual part numbers used to order/purchase devices directly from GE) are usually found in the Parts Lists provided with the Operation and Service Manuals for the unit(s).

GE device numbers (for example, 96CS-1, or 33CB-1) would be found in either Toolbox/ToolboxST or the Control Specification provided with either turbine control system. But actual manufacturers' part/model numbers and serial numbers would have to be obtained from the instrument/device nameplate.

Finally, GE frequently changes instrument and field device suppliers (in a continuing effort to reduce the prices they pay for such equipment) and so manufacturers and model numbers do frequently change are often unit-specific. Many of us have been to sites where units were installed over many years--similar units (all Frame 5s or Frame 6s or Frame 9s, for example)--but the instrument/device manufacturer or model was different for the same instrument/device.

Again, the place to get the most comprehensive list of instruments and devices and their manufacturers and model numbers is to start with either the I/O list from Toolbox or ToolboxST or the Control Specification, and go to each instrument/device on the turbine, generator and auxiliaries and get the nameplate information, and finally to go to the Parts List provided with Operation and Service Manuals to obtain the GE Part Numbers of the devices. All of this information can be put in a spreadsheet or database or on instrument/device calibration data sheets. It can also be added to the Notes field of instruments/devices in Toolbox or ToolboxST, but, usually it's not included by factory or even commissioning personnel in either Toolbox, ToolboxST or the Control Specification.

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