Measurements in salt pond


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Steve Hargraves

Greetings all,
I would like to know availabilty of instrumentation to measure parameters in a salt pond - such as water temperature, pH, salt
concentration & water clarity. Water temperature at the bottom of the pond can reach 100 deg.C., and salt concentration can be as high as 25%.
Steve Hargraves
GeoEng Australia.

Luis Fernando de la Roca Mendoza

Dear Steve: I also have an interest in the subject and have made some tests in my country, Guatemala. First I want to know if I can write to you in Spanish since my English is not very good, let me know by email. In the page of the University of El Paso, Texas, there are instructions to obtain a Manual of Salinity-Gradient Solar Ponds, one of which includes a description of the instruments and techniques that utilize it. See Estimado Steve: también tengo interés en el tema y he realizado algunos ensayos en mi pais, Guatemala, America Central. Antes quisiera saber si te puedo escribir en español ya que mi ingles no es muy bueno, hazmelo saber por e-mail. En la página de la Universidad El Paso, Texas, hay instrucciones para obtener el Manual para Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds, en el que se incluye una descrpción de los instrumentos y tecnicas que utilizan.Su dirección es