Need HMI interface for Frequency Drive


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I have a standalone app with a freq drive. I just need to control the motor speed by allowing an operator to input the speed (in scaled units, not motor freq) through a very simple, inexpensive HMI.
I am finding it difficult to find a freq drive/hmi combo that actually does this. I have talked with AB, SqD, and others and all tell me they only allow input in motor frequency, unless I use a plc or other comm device in between that makes the hardware too expensive. I need a low cost solution. It seems too simple for no one to offer what I am looking for. Any advice?
Have you already selected the drive? If so, what make, model, communications options?

What type of HMI are you looking for (PC based, web, standalone, etc.)?

If PC based, what OS?

Is this a one-off or ongoing requirement?

I would recommend the Fuji Electric drive & HMI. They have a Component Part feature on the HMI that will pull out a preloaded application for the drive, so you won't even need to do any programming.

James Ingraham

Red Lion's HMI will talk to nearly anything, and I believe it will scale values. (note that it is NOT .com) Serial and Ethernet are standard. As someone else asked, what drive are you using?

-James Ingraham
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I like the commander series (SK) from emerson-ct and it works well standalone with maple systems hmi... these are both pretty dirt cheap and they work well... no problems here...

btw, the sk has some plc functionality built in for free so you can do some logic right in its drive.