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Lalith Atugoda

Can I get CVM-96 Power Analyzer data to a computer using a ATEN RS232-RS485 interface converter without CVM-96 dedicated RS485-RS232 Intelligence converter?

The CVM-96 RS485 terminal block has (+), (-) and Ground connectors.

The ATEN IC-485S converter’s RS485 side has four screw terminals marked Rx(+), Rx(-), Tx(-), Tx(+).
The output RS232 side has DB-25 Female outlet.

Though the self test for ATEN converter was successful, I could not get CVM 96 to talk to the PC.

I am a novice into this field and would like advice from anyone with the knowhow.
The 3 terminals on the analyzer (+). (-) & ground indicate that it uses half duplex RS-485 communications. [see "duplex (telecommunications)" at for an explanation.]

The 4 terminals on the converter indicate that it is capable of full duplex communications, but the modes have to match.

To convert full duplex to half duplex, try jumpering the pluses to each other and jumpering the minuses to each other on the converter.
Rx(+) ---- Tx(+) goes to (+) on analyzer
Rx(-) ---- Tx(-) goes to (-) on analyzer

Also, the RS-485 (+) and (-) terminals vary in designation from vendor to vendor.

It won't hurt to swap them at the analyzer end (keep the jumpers as above on the converter) and try it the opposite way, if the comm link still doesn't come alive.


I have used the ATEN IC-485S recently.

Follow these steps

1. Use a DB25-DB9 converter to connect your PC to the ATEN IC-485S.
2. Set the ATEN to "DCE" mode.
3. Jumper the ATEN's Tx(+) and Rx(+) together and connect it to the CVM-96 RS485 (+) terminal block.
4. Jumper the ATEN's Tx(-) and Rx(-) together and connect it to the CVM-96 RS485 (-) terminal block.
5. Power the ATEN with its own power supply.
6. Make sure your PC's COM port has the same setting as the CVM 96's.
6a. Baud rate
6b. Parity
6c. Data bits
6d. Stop bits

It should work. Good luck.

Tom.Tran @ Industran. com
Hai Tom,

We brought a ATEN IC485s convertor before a week.
We tried to communicate our PC with AISG (RS485) connector through this ATEN IC485s convertor. But we failed. I have tried as you suggested to Lalith but still I can't communicate through it. We CAN able to communicate through MOXA convertor but not with ATEN. Please help me to solve this problem.

Thanks & Regards

Give me some more details:

1. What are you connecting the IC485S to?
2. What is your DCS system?
3. What device (make/model) are you trying to get data from?