Non-invasive level switch


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Mark Vyshkin

Hello. We are trying to find "through the wall" non-invasive level switches/sensors for high pressure steel tanks with wall thickness of 48 mm. Can anybody help with information?


Verhappen, Ian

Nuclear will do the trick nicely. You can either get go with the gamma radiation (source & receiver type) or neutron back scatter. Several manufacturers available for either option.

An alternate is to simply measure the temperature of the INSULATED vessel wall. The temperature profile, actually rate of heat transfer, between the liquid and the vapour should provide similar information. A French company manufacturers 'flux sensors' for just this type of thing.

Ian Verhappen
While you may not like the suggestion, you should consider either a gamma ray or neutron device for your application. Thermo Electron offers such devices as does Berthold and Ohmart/Vega.

Manning Environmental, your source for fluid samplers
If the tank is under pressure, and there is a window to see through, contact Madison Company about there radar unit. They also have ultrasonic but if the tank is sealed it will not work with ultrasonic.