Number of Pulses for 1 MWh in Iskraemeco Energy Meters


There are numbers of Iskraemeco MT830 energy meters in the substation, these energy meters sending MWh and MVarh as Pulses to the controller (Siemens Sicam PAS). I need to know how many pulses for 1 MWh (or KWh) the energy meters send in order to convert the pulses to energy values and show it on the HMI (Siemens PAS CC).

I have the software but I don't know where to find number of pulses for 1 MWh.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Hi Luca,

Thanks for the information.

The problem is, I can't add any further devices.

I have to deal with the current situation which is the pulse output of the energy meters are connected to the Siemens 1703 Tim RTU and then to Siemens Sicam PAS. The only solution I have is to know the number of Pulses per 1 KWh in order to show the energy values on the HMI.