Programming with Jetter-pic/nc-controller


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kelly macdonald

I am currently a 4th year honours student at the University of Strathclyde.
I would deeply appreciate any help or information that you could give me,
to assistance with a problem that I have with regards to a project that I
am currently researching.

the project is concerned with the automation of arc welding in
shipbuilding. However my problem lies with the programming aspect. I can
find no information on the following:
on-line programming with Jetter-pic/nc-controller. I would be grateful for
any help in understanding what it consists of and how it works.

Best regards


You can download their programming software free of charge from the website,
but of course you need a programming manual, since their programming language
is propiatry.

I do believe they have a subsidiary company in UK also.
I looked into Jetter controllers a few years ago and was impressed with their
product. Have you contacted the company directly? The website I know of is
It would be a good start.