Question : How I Send AO for a Setpoint Temperature With Modbus RTU

Hello ,

I'm using a function Block in order to Read and Write Register of AirConnect 2 Regulator ,
My problem is that i can Read Input Registers , and Read/Write Binary input and Binary Output Succesfully But I couldn't Write a HoldingRegister.
I tried FC16 and FC6 and it doesn't Work .

These Files are the Mapping Interface Of the Device I'm using , and the the picture is the Logic I'm using with Software
Thank You Very Much .


I don't read French. Which register number (on page 32 pdf) is the setpoint value that you want to write to? Is it 257/258?

If I32 (Modbus type de point de donnees) means 32 bit integer, then I suspect that your problem is that the value in registers 257/258 are a single 32 bit floating point value, not a 32 bit integer.

I'm confused why it is asking for the number of bits (nombre de bits) and you specify 1. A 32 bit floating point value is two 16 bit Modbus registers, which does not relate to one bit for anything.
I Change it Now to English , Yes I want to send Temperature Setpoint Commands , and I'm Confused what Modbus data type i use , and a Bit selection and Bit quantity since it's not mentioned in Mapping Interface Registre .
Thank You Mr for your trying to help