Redundant optical two-fibre ring

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Redundant optical two-fibre ring

The less expensive solution to put into redundant optical two-fiber ring net (ethernet), nine PLC
(TSX Premium, and on the lower level communication on Profibus-DP with other equipments. Four of the TSX Premium communicate with slaves which I have to put myself on Profibus-DP, the other five communicate with other existing equipments. I'm interested in fact the modules that i have to use to make the redundant optical two-fiber ring net (ethernet), the other components i know how to choose.

David Mertens

Following products are available from siemens for making profibus DP redundant optical rings:
OLM/P4 (6GK1-502-4AA10) for fiber 980/1000 660nm OLM/S4 (6GK1-502-4AB10) for fiber 100/140, 62.5/125,50/125 860nm and OLM/S4-1300
(6GK1-502-4AC10) for fiber 62.5/125, 50/125, 10/125 1310nm. These feature each 4 BFOC2.5 connecters for 2 fibres in/2 fibres out, Electrical RS485 connector according to DIN19245 with selectable terminal resistor. They need 18-32VDC supply. The smallest possible ring can be made with 2 OLM's. The different types should not be mixed. Also single optical ring is possible.

Robert Willis

Use the Schneider Electric 499NOS17100 Ethernet switch to create a "fiber optic ring" Ethernet configuration. If you want two independent fiber optic rings then you would need four 499NOS17100 switches. (2-Network A and 2-Network B)Each switch has five 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX ports and 2 100BASE-FX ports. If your PLC's are seperation exceeds the 10-BASE-T / 100BASE-TX distance
limitation then additional switches may be required.

In this configuration you would use two TSXETY5101 or TSXETY410 modules per Premium PLC. This will provide for two independent Ethernet networks.

If you need additional information, please contact your local Schneider Electric supplier.

Robert Willis
Square D Company
E-Mail: [email protected]