SCADA in future?


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I think it would be very interesting if someone would tell his opinion, how will SCADA develop in the future.



This indeed is a very interesting topic of discussion.In future I can say SCADA will not be a dumb interface as it is now. SCADA will become more intelligent with some elements of Artificial Intelligence incorporated in it. What I mean is in the near future SCADA and the control algorithm will go hand in hand and if there is any problem with the plant the corrective measures will be tried out by the SCADA itself with the artificial intelligence therby eliminating the necessity for a human operator to monoitor and take corrective actions.The abnormalities and the corrective actions taken will then be informed to the plant supervisors through the cellular phones and pagers,telephones...etc. If things go beyond the control of the intelligent SCADA then it will call for the supervisor's help giving them sufficient details for the action to be taken by them. Thus SCADA in the next generation will replace the operators of the Control room.

E.P. de Boer

Obviously this man has never worked at a plant before. "Intelligent" systems will not for a long time be intelligent enough to solve certain problems. This is not the fault of the software
or theorists, but it is common practice that
machines are as fallible as humans when it comes
to continuity.
I believe that SCADA systems will change but more
in location than in functionality.
More plants will be monitored from one single
location. And many alarms can be fixed from a
remote position. The operator will stay, the
SCADA system will move.
I agree with most of what you say.

Languages have their own way of expressing things.

Translation has several limitations.

For instance, i borrowed two TINTIN comics yesterday. One Objectif Lune in french and another Destination Moon. And "blistering barnacles" is "Mille sabords". Though I am at a very preliminary stage of french, I can easily say that these are two entirely different literal meanings, but do convey the message that captain haddock is swearing.

The Langcode tables will be easiest for SCADA messages, Company reports and online analysis. It may face problems where we encounter poetry or
phrases that have not been covered by the langcodes. These can be sent in general HTML where the translation falls upon the receiver or normal translation means can be used for translating the messages and putting them in separate places inside the web site.

I believe that the lines of working of W3 are slightly different. I tried sending them some E mails but it probably requires some access levels etc. My mails bounced back.

However, i am confident that this concept would become a winner as there is no nearest equivalent solution being proposed at this moment. I am
planning to set up an organization for starting on the tables.

Those who are interested can join.