serial port comunication using visual basic

That is reading binary data bytes. We switched to SuperCom ActiveX for that. Replaced MSComm in no time (same functions) and got our binary data bytes. Look for a DEMO at
this code does not work even after the MSComm settings are done

> The easiest way to access COM ports in Visual Basic 6 is by placing the
> Microsoft Comm control on a form, and writing code to read and write each serial port.
---- snip ----

> Example of an infinite loop that takes data from one port and echos it onto another -<pre>
> Dim sInput as String
> While (True)
> DoEvents
> sInput = MSComm1.Input
> If (Len(sInput) > 0) Then
> MSComm2.Output = sInput
> End If
> Wend</pre>