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Trevor Ousey

Hi all,

I have a problem sharing files to a large NT network, we have just had to do a rebuild of the server and IT have setup NT4 with SP6a, previously
it was NT4 with SP5. With this installation we don't logon to the global domain, but we do have admin rights on this server. When we share a directory to everyone, user of the main domain can see the files but are unable to view the content of the files.

Our local IT people are not able to provide the answers, any suggestions would be appreciated.
Trevor Ousey

Dan Campbell

We map drives. EX; \\C$\FIX32

This allows anyone with ADMIN rights to see the folders and files under \FIX32.
Check the permission of those files and also sharing permission of the directory.

I hope this could help.

Dave Ferguson

There are a number of things that could cause this, I will ramble off the top of my head things to check....

1. The share points "rights" only allow you in the building so to speak, to get into a room you need file and folder level "rights" to do so. Check the rights of the folder and files. By this I mean that the share might give you rights but the file or folder is set to read only. The most restrictive rights apply.

2. If your users are members of other groups that have limited rights, this is what you will have. For instance if everyone has full rights but users
have read only, the effectice rights are full only (most non-restrictive).

3. I am not sure but there may be a domain "everyone" and you are using the local "everyone" group. For instance I might have a local group called "users" and a domain group called "users" and it is the local that has
rights to read/write.

4. Sometime SIDS (security ID's) get messed up with a reinstall and you have to recreat users (usually a last resort).

Need more info, you can e-mail me off list at [email protected].

Dave Ferguson
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