siemens ti 505 integration with cimplicity hmi


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i have i siemens ti 505 plc, and and integrate it with ge fanuc cimplicty plant ed v6.. i used woodhead interface card...

however there is a lag about 2 to 4 seconds between data from plc and on cimplicity. Does anyone know how i can speed up data transfer? or is there any better interface card i could use, so that data reflected on cimplicty plant edition would actually be close to realtime if not realtime?

Gilles Allard

I don't have any knowledge about the Cimplicity driver but I have a lot of experience with TI505. You do not mention the interface (serial or Ethernet) and how many variables are grabbed from the PLC but, in general, you should keep this in mind: - number of data packets is limited (2 per PLC scan is the default but you can increase it to 8 per scan) - the protocol is optimised for contiguous data blocks. Try to relocate your variables into contiguous locations. - minimize the number of memory types. If you need to get V and WX data, you will get an improvement if you copy your WX to V and only acquire data from V locations.

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Curt Wuollet

That seems a little slow, but not too unusual for "foreign" interfaces. Some combinations are just so bad that there's no way to send or receive a lot of data in a hurry. There is a big advantage when the comms are taken into account from the get go. Send as little as possible and if you can arrange to only send changed data you might reach reasonable speeds.



Gilles Allard

It will probably be worse with OPC.

With a 2572A module, you should be able to get many thousand data points per second.

Please state the following:
- model of your Ethernet interface
- scan time of your PLC
- how many variables you acquire
- how many communication devices (HMI, etc) are connected to your PLC through serial or Ethernet links

- model of your Ethernet interface: applicom_PCU2000ETH
- how many communication devices (HMI, etc) are connected to your PLC through serial or Ethernet links: ONLY CIMPLICITY HMI v6.1
- how many variables you acquire: about 700 points