Steam Turbine Rotor Thermal stress evaluation.

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Can anybody developp, or add some notes on "Steam Turbine Rotor Thermal stress evaluation"??
I would appreciate for such documentation on either controls system associated, and specially on Alstom 677.5MW Steam Turbine.

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Get GE Document "Generator Rotor Thermal Sensitivity - Theory & Experience, GER-3809"
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Thanks for the link,

Actually i have already have read on this manual.

What i am lokking for, is a Rotor Thermas stress Evaluation solution, also better known as TSE with calclualtions and solution implemented on Steam turbine Control system (specially the one i mentionned) even it is same philosophy for alls steam turbines controls systems.
As there is a plant that we need to retrofit old ST controls systems, and implementing such solution (TSE) on the new one.

I have aready collected inetresting informations, so will appreciate some comments /notes /links ..

Controls Guy25.
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Actually I am facing a very similar situation: we are working on a retrofit for a ST where in the old control system is present a TSE logic (ABB Turbomax). This is also the same case of the interesting document that you have shared here.

I would ask you if you have solved the problem and if you can share some hints/documents.

Thank you.
Hi all

@onofriol Thank you for your words.
Indeed that document is very useful...

Well the retrofitting on that Alstom steam turbine ans control system Alspa is done.

You can share here your questions we will try to support as best as we can