Steam Turbine Rotor Thermal stress evaluation.

Hello all experts ,

Can anybody developp, or add some notes on "Steam Turbine Rotor Thermal stress evaluation"??
I would appreciate for such documentation on either controls system associated, and specially on Alstom 677.5MW Steam Turbine.

Thank you for sharing ,
Get GE Document "Generator Rotor Thermal Sensitivity - Theory & Experience, GER-3809"
Regards, Phil Corso

Thanks for the link,

Actually i have already have read on this manual.

What i am lokking for, is a Rotor Thermas stress Evaluation solution, also better known as TSE with calclualtions and solution implemented on Steam turbine Control system (specially the one i mentionned) even it is same philosophy for alls steam turbines controls systems.
As there is a plant that we need to retrofit old ST controls systems, and implementing such solution (TSE) on the new one.

I have aready collected inetresting informations, so will appreciate some comments /notes /links ..

Controls Guy25.