Suggestion of PLC, please!


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Please help me out here. I was looking for a type of PLC that has the best compatibility with the ff:

Analog input: 15 pts.

Digital input devices:
* Pressure switch-2
* 3-point switch-3
* Limit switch-6
* Push button switch-3
* 2-position switch-1
* Level switch-4

Digital output devices:
* Pilot almp-17
* Solenoid-1
* TDS monitor-1
* Ball valve-3
* Motor starter-4
* RH meter-4
* PH meter-1
* Motor pump-2

Please attach links where I can view prices of your suggested PLC. Just in case you know sites. Thank you very much!!!

Can I ask another one? Is Versamax PLC ok to use on the above conditions that I gave? Thanks again!

Jan Michael Albaran

For me... you can really use different PLC... As a Siemens user before, it's really easy to use Siemens... It's user friendly and compact... Good luck.

It's all I can suggest... Sorry I don't know the site for prices...


You may use any brand of PLC.
But for a better choice:
Where do you need to install it?
Which environmental conditions?
Do you need any communication with some other equipment?
Which protocol?
Any supervision?