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Since testprot.exe and Softserve do not satisfy my needs - since they aren't configurable for my tagnames and do not generate random data - I was wondering if anyone knew of a good app to generate random values for my InTouch app to pick up and respond to?

Short of that, I can create a Microsoft Access app that generates random values and poll that data from InTouch, but I can't get the Access Name
and DDE syntax right to read a particular field in the Access table I created.

I thank you in advance for any help!

Martin @ ECS-Engineering

Don, it might be better to use Excel for your number generation. The knowledge Base CD for Wonderware has examples of the syntax needed for DDE in Excel. With that in Excel a macro/VBA can be writen to have the Excell sheet continuously calculate then any function you can do within Excel can become a simulated Tag value in your app.
I have some simple code for excel if you would like to contact me
Martin Medak
ECS Engineering Inc.
[email protected]

Steve Joanis

Wonderware can also provide you with Silicon slave. This program will provide dummy itslef as any DDE IO server. When you advise any item, the topic and the item appear in a window that you can poke values into.

This program is available for C.S. users and S.I's on the WW website www.wonderware.com or you can get it from the comp support CDs.