Training for Siemens CFC Programming


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Barry Sinagra

I am looking for a training program or courses on CFC programming for S7 PLCs, can any body help? Prefereably in australia but internet training may be the only way at this time.

Thanks for any help.
CFC is easy to learn, a course is normally built up out SCL and CFC because with SCL {Structure Code Language} you can built bloks for CFC. A course is normally 2 days SCL and 2 days CFC where experience to work with the S7 Manager is a pre.

When you can learn it yourself then the handbooks will help, also the help in the programms is very good. For SCL you must have some experience with higher programming languages (pascal look-alike).

You can find the handbooks on by typing SCL or CFC by the handbook search.

I hope you have enough information about this, maybe you can contact your local Siemens contacts if you need a course.

Under SITRAIN you can also find the courses for e-learning for 660 Euro (2 days).

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