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Jack Grenard is a personality in the industrial automation business - founder of PLC User magazine (which he sold to ISA) and a monthly
newsletter which started as PLC Insiders News and became Industrial Controls Intelligence which he sold in late 1999 to Jim Heaton and KVQuest, and has now become Controls Intelligence & Plant Systems Report.

Jack wrote his last column for the newsletter and "retired" in December, 2000 - to focus on sailing on his sailboat in San Diego. He still writes Seafaring Tales as "Kaptain Kalamity".

The December issue of CI&PS included a column Goodbye Grenard written by several of his friends and associates, including Ken Crater, Tom Bullock,
Jim Heaton, Dick Morley and others. It included my poem, as a tribute to my friend, Jack Grenard.

Read the poem on the web at :

Jim Pinto
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