TwinCAT 3 C++ Integration: Win32 Error 5


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Hi all

I've tried to solve this problem for a couple of days now and am stuck. We would like to use TwinCAT 3 on a larger project where large computation power is needed. While trying to run the steps of the "Beckhoff_Webinar_TwinCAT-3_C++_integration_e" we are able to Build the code without error or warning. But we run continuously into the same error when we try to "Activate Configuration". Then The software produces an error stating that the server was not able to load due to tsome Win32 Error: 5 (Access denied.).

Newest version of TwinCAT. Admin rights on machine. Only happens with the C++ code. If running a sample in "PLC" in the Solution Explorer, then everything works fine.

Any help / hint highly appreciated.