What companies use what fieldbus?


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I like to have some information about the networks which these companies have used in according with automating their products:
omega engineering
omron electronics
general electrics

João Nascimento

I only know the filedbuses to Allen Bradlley but
they are:
and like most of the companies there are also the Ethernet/TCP

Probabaly all of the companies have their fieldbuses but they also have equipment to change to other fieldbuses (Ex: from DH+ to Profibus, etc...)

I hope this will help you

João Nascimento
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As far as what they use, it depends usually on the specific division of the company and what their specification is (if there is one). As far as what field bus network they make and provide as a product line: AB -"DeviceNet" is one of the most popular networks in the states. Honeywell - "smart distributed system" is the name of there fieldbus.

My preference is DeviceNet, Interbus, Profibus.
The future is ethernet.

G. Fry

Mike Trombley

We have done several projects with Profibus, and Allen Bradley PLC5s & SLC 500s. The Profibus works well with other controls like AC drives particularly ABBs 600 series drives. We have found documentation to be available for each manufacturer. Scanners are available from AB or SST, and are user friendly. The systems hold up great and survive well in the worst conditions.

Guillermo Rybnik

>I can tell you about:
> Allen-Bradly
Currently the strategy is:
Information: Ethernet/IP supported for SLC-500, PLC-5, ControlLogix, and other devices with serial port using 1761-NET-ENI. Also available Flex IO.
Adapter. Also have PanelViews for Ethernet/IP

Control: ControlNet Supported for PLC-5, ControlLogix,FlexLogix, 1336 Drives, Flex IO, PanelView. Very limited for SLC-500.

Field Devices: DeviceNet. For most of A-B PLCs, drives, IO and Electronic Operator Interfase.

Process devices: Foundation Fieldbus. It is available through a bridge from ControlNet to FF.

Legacy networks still alive:
Data Highway plus (DH+) peer to peer network, to communicate PLC-5, SLC-500, ControlLogix and PanelViews.
DH-485 19.2K network for communicating micrologix, SLC-500 and PanelView.
Remote IO (RIO) Available for communicating most of AB products.

Other networks:
Profibus: Supported for Flex IO and PanelView. Using third party adapters it can be connected to ControlLogix, PLC-5 and SLC-500.

Modbus: Supported in Micrologix 1500 and 1200. Also PanelViews. Using third party adapters it can be connected to ControlLogix, PLC-5 and SLC-500.

> omron electronics
I Know they have a lot of DeviceNet products.

> honeywell
Plantscape uses the same platform that ControlLogix, so it should support ControlNet/DeviceNet/FF

Hope it helps
Guillermo Rybnik
Buenos Aires