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Manning, Gary (G.)

I found this article...... >Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 9:23 -0500 >From: "Russ Kinner" <[email protected]> >To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> >Subject: RE: PLCS: Cross platform software conversion >Simon Martin <[email protected]> wrote: >> If your market is software, why limit yourself to 1 make of PLC, >> why not write comms gateways to the different PLCs on the market >> and write a general PLC programming environment. Actually that's >> an interesting idea, anyone want to start a project.... >If you go back to the early days (1980 or so) of PLC programming software, >a package from WRB Associates (LADDERStm) aimed at that end of a common >core programming environment. With drivers that allowed you to make any >conversions necessary for a particular model, you could achieve the goal >of copying a Modicon 584 program and converting it to an AB PLC-3. It >wasn't easy, but it could be done. Bill Boyd's (WRB) package also allowed >for a variable size description field of 13 characters wide by up to 15 >lines for a single element. The package also allowed for "free form" rung >descriptions, placed anywhere on the rung printout you wished....<clip> Do you have any idea how I could contact WRB Associates? Thank You, Gary Manning System Integrator Industrial Energy Service Group Phone: (519) 637-5436 Fax: (519) 637-5185 Pager: (519) 690-3348 Email: [email protected]

Kinner, Russ

I did look on the web but found no trace of Bill Boyd. The only hit was for a tech. writer that Bill employed back in the mid 80's.

I know that the company was hit hard when the choice of the DEC 11/24 became a problem as "everybody" wanted the application on a PC. I believe it was ported to a DOS/Win 3.1 version but by then the lower cost (and less friendly) competitors had the market.

I hoped that someone from the company might be lurking on the A-list but I haven't seen a post since your inquiry.

Russ Kinner
AVCA Corporation
Maumee, OH
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