Joe Campbell Joe Campbell is a long-time veteran of the robotics and automation industry, and is head of strategic marketing for Universal Robots.

The Cost of NOT Automating: Are Unresolved Business Challenges Killing Your Bottom Line?

In partnership with Universal Robots

In the manufacturing sector, businesses persistently face the urgency to adapt to the new innovative changes in technology to keep up with demand and stay competitive. Regardless of the industry, automation continues to transform businesses of all kinds, elevating their bottom line.

But did you know that there are costs associated with not deploying automation?

In this webinar, Joe Campbell, a 40-year veteran of the robotics industry, will go into great detail about the fast ROI and savings linked to automation in manufacturing facilities.


  • Connecting advanced justification tools to your current business challenges
  • Understanding the bottom-line impacts of not automating
  • The unique cost savings available from collaborative automation

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