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In-Sight 3800 Series: Lead with Speed. Setting the Pace of Machine Vision

June 13, 2023 by Cognex Corporation

Review the In-Sight® 3800® Series vision system datasheet

Datasheet Overview

In-Sight® 3800® Series is an all-in-one vision system that meets all your vision needs.

In-Sight 3800® helps you lead with speed across all industries by automating a wide range of inspection applications, at the fastest speeds. With modular hardware and an extensive tool set, In-Sight 3800® offers an industry-agnostic solution that allows you to maximize throughput and improve the accuracy of your results, regardless of the task at hand.

Explore this datasheet to explore this advanced vision system by Cognex, which provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use, solution for automated inspections. Embedded with a full set of robust rule-based tools and innovative edge learning technology, In-Sight® solves a range of manufacturing applications, from defect detection and assembly verification to character reading and more.

▪ Run more inspections in less time.

▪ Improve the accuracy of your results.

▪ Seamlessly scale your solution.

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