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Control eBook: The Guide to Digital Multimeters

June 22, 2022 by Control Automation

The multimeter can be found on the desks and tool cabinets of almost every electrician, handyman, engineer, and technician. But no matter how often they are used, there is always more you can accomplish with knowledge of how they work.

Although engineers have a wide array of tools available for their projects, some of these are complex, expensive tools for measuring one specific quantity. If used properly, however, they can return many times their cost with just one or two uses. Thanks to its versatility, the multimeter, which has existed since the beginning of electronics, is still the most widely used instrument in the toolbox.

This eBook will expand on using the multimeter beyond just a few functions. It will include detailed information around: 

  • Types of multimeters available
  • Test leads and accessories
  • DC and AC voltage measurement
  • DC and AC current measurement
  • Resistance and continuity
  • Extra measurement capabilities

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