ABB Expands Its Robotstudio to Enable PC-Controlled Robot Motion

May 05, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

ABB provides a new add on to its RobotStudio, Robot Control Mate, to provide users with more efficient remote robot motion control. 

Recently, ABB announced the latest development of its simulation and offline programming software, RobotStudio. The software can now be used to control the motion of ABB’s SCARA robots straight from your PC. 


ABB’s SCARA Robots

ABB’s cost-effective, single-arm robot, the IRB 910SC, operates within a combined footprint and is ideal for use in small parts assembly (e.g. screw driving, mounting), Materials Handling (e.g. picking and placing, parts handling, sorting, packaging), and inspection (e.g. product inspection, quality control). The high-speed robot is available in three configurations (IRB 910SC –3/0.45, IRB 910SC – 3/0.55m, and IRB 910SC – 3/0.65).


scara robot

ABB IRB 910SC. Image used courtesy of ABB.


The robot is table-top mountable, easily integrated within existing systems, includes custom interfaces, features a modular design, and exhibits superior motion control. It comes available with different arm lengths to suit different customer needs with reaches of 450 mm, 550 mm and 650 mm, respectively. 



Another robot, the ceiling-mounted IRB 910INV. This SCARA robot comes in a 3 kg (350 mm reach) and 6 kg (550 mm reach) payload model and is powered by an ABB OmniCore controller.

The robot offers users the best-in-class motion control for repeatable point-to-point accuracy during pick-and-place, assembly, and testing applications. Like the IRB 910SC, the device is also proficient at Small Parts Assembly and quality control inspection. The ceiling-mounted design of this robot allows manufacturers to effectively utilize confined spaces, increasing space efficiency, work cell flexibility, and subsequently boosting production. 


abb scara robot

ABB SCARA robot - IRB 910INV. Image used courtesy of ABB.


The SCARA family of robots enables customers to achieve rapid cycle times, and complete tasks for Small Part Assembly applications, laboratory automation, and prescription drug dispensing with high precision and high reliability.

Favorable applications for the SCARA robots include anything from general-purpose tray kitting, component placement, palletizing, depalletizing, and assembly.


RobotStudio’s Robot Control Mate

ABB designed RobotStudio as a solution to allow users to test and create an entire robot installation in a virtual 3D environment, all without disturbing their on-site production line. This virtual testing center is important for manufacturers wanting to enhance mass customization and reduce product life cycles. The speed of production lines can be modified easily and safely without causing unwanted mishaps during the commissioning process. 

ABB has created an add-on to RobotStudio called Robot Control Mate to further enhance the remote control user experience of production line set-up and management. This new functionality provides users with the ability to jog, teach, and calibrate robots from their computers. 

ABB plans to pioneer the Robot Control Mate functionality within the IRB 910INV ceiling-mounted robot and expand to other robots of its SCARA family like the IRB 910SC.