ABB Selects Google Cloud as Partner to Scale Infrastructure Services

December 04, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

ABB looks to improve its Information System services and selects Google Cloud to help them plan cloud migration.

ABB, a world-leading technology company, provides its businesses with more fine-tuned, resilient, and scalable infrastructure services through collaboration with Google Cloud. 

Recently, Google announced that ABB chose them to help strengthen the cloud footprint of its Information System (IS) services. ABB's desire for cloud expansion is part of its 'Rationalizing IT Operations' (codenamed: Program RIO) initiative.


ABB's Cloud Migration

ABB hopes that its hosting services team will plan for optimized cloud migration that meets ABB businesses' various IS needs with help from the Google Cloud team. 


ABB worker utilizing ABB's IS Services. Image courtesy of ABB.


ABB is using Google Cloud's machine learning expertise (ML), data science, and artificial intelligence to improve and streamline IS quality assurance. They will use a cloud-based approach to do this, specifically focusing on using automation and consolidating identified services within ABB's strategic remote sites and data centers. 


Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides global businesses with leading infrastructure and solutions that have AI and ML capabilities embedded at their core. A fully managed infrastructure can enable automation processes, including those with repetitive tasks. 


Google Cloud logo. Image courtesy of Google


This can free up valuable time for developers, increase productivity for businesses, and potentially improve revenue where time can be spent on more critical tasks. Not only can companies like ABB operate and provide services more efficiently, but they can also adapt to the changing needs of customers. 


ABB and Google Cloud's Collaboration

By collaborating with Google Cloud, ABB aims to enhance the competitive edge of its IS services and provide more flexibility for its internal business customers. 

In a recent press release, Dominik Wee, the Managing Director Global Manufacturing and Industrial at Google Cloud said, "ABB is a global technology leader that has been a Fortune 500 company for many years." Wee added that Google Cloud is thrilled "to help ABB in its journey toward powering its information systems services in the cloud, as the company heads towards a more digitized future."

In the same news release, Prabhu Chakravarthy, Group IS Program Leader at ABB, said, "Our choice to include Google Cloud further strengthens our strategic vision and stimulates innovation as we expand the Information Systems' cloud footprint." 

ABB's cloud footprint expansion will be carried out in a structured manner and with its new operating model. 

Industries are preparing to transition into Industry 4.0, where the factories of the future operate within digitized, automated ecosystems. With help from Google Cloud, ABB may be one step further on the road of digital transformation.