ABB and AWS Partner to Develop a Cloud-based Digital Solution for Electric Vehicle OEMs

April 24, 2021 by Sara McCaslin

ABB partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on real-time EV fleet management solutions.

ABB, an industry leader in software and technology for automation, robotics, and electrification, is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS), known for its comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, to develop solutions for real-time fleet management of electric vehicles (EVs).


The partnership between ABB and AWS expects a scalable, easy-to-use fleet management platform that integrates with all EV models. Image used courtesy of ABB


One of the major issues with EV fleet management is the lack of a fleet management system that can seamlessly work with all vehicle OEMs while still providing an easy-to-use, information-rich user interface. 

At this time, fleet operators use third-party charge management applications that have limited functionality, making it difficult to implement over a range of EV models and varying charging infrastructure. Using fleet management software tools is even more challenging by the number of new developments in charging applications.

ABB’s recent announcement of their partnership with AWS will combine the e-mobility, energy management, and charging solutions developed by ABB with AWS’s software experience and cloud techniques to engineer a new EV fleet management platform to meet the current and future needs of EV fleet technology.


ABB / AWS Partnership Goals

By combining their respective areas of expertise, ABB and AWS plan to make EV fleet management more accessible, scalable, and easier to implement. The solution in progress will integrate both EV hardware and software into one ecosystem, resulting in a more seamless user experience across different OEMs. 


Effective, informative fleet management software has the potential to increase the use of EVs. Image used courtesy of Marilyn Murphy


ABB is currently developing scalable, tailored technology for fleet operators that any vehicle OEM can use. This cost-effective fleet technology will be coupled with powerful analytics, machine learning, and cloud capabilities made possible through AWS cloud solutions. The result will be a “future-proof” EV fleet management ecosystem that can optimize energy usage and maximize fleet vehicle reliability.


The Ecosystem’s Key Features

Among the key features of this new EV fleet management ecosystem is real-time monitoring of fleet vehicles. Real-time monitoring and data analytics will provide insights into vehicle health, supporting both predictive and preventative maintenance, as well as vehicle performance evaluation. 

AI-empowered optimized charge planning may minimize the energy-related operating cost for the EV fleet while ensuring that the vehicles are ready to go when needed. Another critical aspect of the EV fleet management ecosystem is route optimization, which combines data and machine learning to evaluate routes based on weather, traffic, and use patterns.

In addition, the user experience offers a single-view platform with an informative, tailored fleet data dashboard that simplifies the fleet management process.

ABB and AWS are confident that their partnership will lead to a higher rate of EV adoption in transportation fleets worldwide by supporting business continuity as more fleet managers begin the electrification process. Note that the comprehensive platform developed through this partnership is expected to be available in the second half of 2021.