Ambi Robotics Partners with DWFritz to Improve Industrial Automation with AI-powered Robotic Systems

July 14, 2021 by Alessandro Mascellino

Ambi Robotics announced a partnership with DWFritz Automation focusing on manufacturing custom robotic solutions for supply chain customers.

Following the beginning of the collaboration, the core capabilities of the DWFritz platform will be integrated within AmbiSort, a configurable artificial intelligence (AI)-powered robotic sorting system.


The AmbiSort robotic arm. Image used courtesy of Ambi Robotics


The move aims to help Ambi Robotics’ clients scale up their manufacturing capabilities, as well as improve throughput and lower production costs.


Improving Robot Dexterity

Ambi Robotics was founded in 2019 by David Gealy, Jeff Mahler, Ken Goldberg, Matt Matl, and Stephen McKinley. The Ambi Robotics team counts numerous experts in the robotics field, including UC Berkeley researchers and Fortune 50 business leaders. Based in San Francisco, the company focuses on developing solutions merging AI and robotic dexterity to build highly-optimized automated systems. 

The company’s flagship software product is AmbiOS, an operating system designed to enable adaptable automation across a fragmented warehousing and logistics industry. The solution is reportedly platform-agnostic and works on the majority of hardware systems.

At the time of writing, Ambi Robotics has raised a total of $6.2 million in funding from Bow Capital, Vertex Ventures US, and The House Fund.


Enhancing Industrial Automation’s Capabilities

DWFritz, on the other hand, is a well-known name in the automation industry. Established in 1973, the firm manufactures precision metrology, inspection, and assembly solutions specifically intended to function with advanced manufacturing machines.


An automated wafer metrology tool. Image used courtesy of DWFritz [PDF]


DWFritz focuses on designing, creating, and supporting engineer-to-order automation systems, as well as high-speed, non-contact metrology products and build-to-print manufacturing services.

The company has delivered automation systems to various industries, including consumer electronics, precision manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, and energy storage, in the past six decades.

DWFritz is headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, but has offices in both France and China.


A Production-oriented Partnership

“We are excited to work with DWFritz as we scale deployments of AI-powered sorting systems,” commented Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics.

According to the CEO, DWFritz’s engineer-to-order and build-to-print capabilities complement Ambi’s ability to configure solutions designed to meet diversified customer needs. Liefer hopes the partnership will reduce implementation costs for customers.

DWFritz CEO Mike Fritz echoed the point, highlighting the benefits of the new partnership.

“By leveraging our global supply chain, technology partnerships, precision automation, and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we can support the rapidly expanding demand for Ambi’s warehouse automation products,” he said.

The new partnership with Ambi Robotics will now see DWFritz use these technologies, and AmbiSort in particular, to deliver diversified and custom robotic solutions to Ambi’s supply chain customers.

For context, AmbiSort is an AmbiOS-based, configurable AI-powered robotic system capable of sorting and packing unique parcels, including boxes, polybags, and envelopes, into destination containers, reportedly more than 50% faster than manual systems. 

AmbiOS can also automatically analyze company data and provide insights for productivity, utilization, and more. The AI will let the robots continue to learn and grow with time.

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