Control Automation Day Returns | Exploring Industrial Robots in 2024!

February 22, 2024 by David Peterson

Control Automation Day 2024 will be held on March 26th, talking all about industrial robotics with keynote interviews, educational live sessions, and exciting giveaways from your favorite manufacturers!

For the third year in a row, EETech’s Control Automation team will be joined once again by manufacturers, vendors, and integrators at the forefront of industrial, collaborative, and mobile robotics in today’s manufacturing world. We are proud to announce Control Automation Day 2024!

Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and held on March 26th, be sure to save the date for a virtual day filled with insights, education, and chances for some exciting giveaways to build and learn in your own automation journey.

Keynote addresses and sessions with live Q&A will be hosted by EETech’s very own electrical and mechanical engineering team, certain to deliver the most exciting trends and information to help you solve problems and achieve future goals. And we’ll have some fun while we’re at it!

Our goal is to provide valuable insights for everyone, regardless of industry application or skill level—from student or entry-level engineer to seasoned control automation veteran.


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Keynote - Universal Robots

Mike DeGrace, Manager of the UR+ Ecosystem from Universal Robots.

Keynote from UR Universal Robots

Any robot is only as capable as the interface between the arm and the workpiece, the design of which is just as much art as science. Learn some insights about a few of the most complex (and rewarding) challenges being tackled by collaborative robotic technology as well as some pitfalls to avoid for success. Register for UR's Keynote!


Keynote - FANUC

Jerry Perez, Executive Director of Global Accounts for FANUC Robotics

Keynote from FANUC Robotics

Automation ultimately involves moving past the stage of simply evaluating projects for viability but then actually implementing a solution. Many companies have recently been faced with obstacles in automation, but are these skill and talent gaps really what they appear on the surface? Register for FANUC's Keynote!


Keynote - MiR

Kevin Dumas, Vice President of Product Management and Applications at Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Keynote from MiR Mobile Industrial Robots

In recent years, the technology enabling mobile robotic applications has expanded, leading to the integration of mobile platforms in more industries than ever before. Learn about some of these new tech concepts that play a vital role in sensing, safety, and networking for fleet scaling and development. Register for MiR's Keynote!


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Since these will be virtual presentations, you can tune in with your headset while working, no matter where you are, or sit down at your desk or during lunch break to learn some new insights about the future of technology in your own facility.

Join Control Automation for the day, and encourage your team to join along with you as we help to build a better future for engineers, their organizations, and the entire world!


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