News Connections—Industry Jobs for April 5, 2023

April 05, 2023 by Dale Wilson

Join our light-hearted look at the serious topic of job hunting as Control Automation looks to help connect the great engineers in our audience with the amazing companies in our industry. If you apply for jobs with any of these companies, please tell them sent you!

Industrial Controls Technician - (Update April 24, 2023 - This position has been filled.)

Work and live in a place that sounds like it is straight out of central casting for an idyllic small town in the southern United States: named after a tavern built in the 1850s under a hickory tree, home to the “world's most famous short track,” and the “birthplace of the NASCAR stars.” 

Symtegra Controls

Hickory, NC, USA 

Symtegra Controls is a systems integrator specializing in industrial automation and controls engineering for all industries. They are looking for someone with 5+ years of experience troubleshooting industrial electrical controls who is ready to take their skills to the next level. An associate degree in Electrical Technology would be a plus. 


Senior Applications Architect

If the logic is always ON, isn’t that a stuck-at-1 fault? An OR gate with one terminal high? A NAND gate with one terminal low? Or am I the only one that thinks about weird things like this? 


South Burlington, VT, and Cary, NC, USA

Provide implementation guidance for firmware, software tools, operating systems, and applications for OnLogic’s hardware portfolio of industrial PCs and edge servers. As a senior member of the Product Management team, you will help establish the product vision, technology roadmaps, and strategy.


Application Engineer

Fun facts! You could drive about 30 minutes almost due south from the US location and be in Canada. You could travel about 30 minutes due north from the Germany location and be in France. You could fly 6712 km (4171 miles) roughly east/west and get from one site to the other. 


Bingham Farms, MI, USA, and Gotteheim, Germany

Do you have 2-3 years of experience with robotic programming? Experience in the field of machine vision and/or optical sensor technology for factory automation? What about knowledge of PLC systems and a strong interest in tackling a variety of consulting jobs across multiple industries (automotive, robotics, assembly)? Do you like working with customers, developing training materials, and want to be a video star? OK, I’m not sure of that last one, but they do want you to help create videos, so maybe you can be on screen, too.


Senior Hardware Systems Engineer

I'm just an average man with an average life. I work from 9 to 5. But why do I always feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone? Like Rockwell, why do I always feel like somebody’s watching me?

Rockwell Automation

Chelmsford, MA, USA

As a Senior Hardware Systems Engineer in the Sensing, Safety and Industrial Components Business, you will help develop smart sensors, motor controllers, and connectivity solutions to work within the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture. In this position, you will contribute to new product development of embedded communication and control modules from concept through production.


Sales Engineers

In 1952, Balluff brought “the Spätzle press into its production line.” What isn’t clear from the corporate history is whether they were making the presses or making Spätzle for the employees working the production line. Maybe both? Mmmm…Spätzle.


Remote / USA. Detroit, MI, USA. Southwest Ohio, USA. Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

Responsible for growing sales of Balluff's automation products and solutions with a focus on defined customers and territories. They are looking for someone with 4-6 years of industrial automation sales experience; a track record of handling complex, high-level negotiations; an understanding of plant-floor automation architectures; and a hunter sales profile. 


Quality & Manufacturing Engineering Manager

If a robot builds another robot, are they eligible for parental leave? So are you purchasing, or adopting a new robot?

Universal Robots

Odense, Denmark

Head a high-performance team focusing on improvements in manufacturing quality and operational engineering processes. They would prefer an engineering background in production, machines, or electronics. You will be doing all of those cool, buzzwordy manufacturing optimization tasks: Lean, Six Sigma, DFT, Kaizen, 0-series process, and GEMBA. I have to admit, I had to look up those last two. So, if you know what all those mean, you might be just the person Universal Robots is looking for! 


Manufacturing Engineer, Fusion360 Software QA

Have you ever complained about engineering software that seems to have been written by someone who has never actually worked in the engineering field? Here is your opportunity to fix that problem!


Birmingham, Great Britain

Do you have experience in the manufacturing industry, are a CNC Programmer, and are ready for a new challenge? You will work closely with the software development team to test software products from a user’s perspective of CAM manufacturing. You will provide advice and industry knowledge of the software use and design from conception to release and collaborate on the design and implementation of new features. You may have the opportunity to test Autodesk software on real machines in the company’s technology center.


Manufacturing Controls System Engineer

Do you have the vision to manufacture a new career path? Would you like to inject some excitement into your work environment with high-pressure challenges? At Bosch, you can take control of your life…and large engine diesel systems.

Bosch Group

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Manufacturing controls system engineer to support the manufacturing and remanufacturing of large engine diesel systems, including injectors and high-pressure pumps. You will work with automatic vision and optical information systems and need an understanding of Allen-Bradley and Siemens PLCs. Applicants should have a BS in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, or Control) and 3+ years technical experience in a manufacturing or industrial environment.


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