Kawaski Robotics Joins Forces with Realtime Robotics to Accelerate Collision-Free Training

June 06, 2022 by Dale Wilson

Realtime Robotics motion planning and collision avoidance software will be employed on Kawasaki Robotics industrial robots the two companies announced today at Automate 2022.

The software suite from Realtime Robotics includes RapidPlan for automatic motion planning and collision avoidance. One goal of the teaming arrangement is to reduce robot programming time by days or weeks. Realtime Robotics and Kawasaki have reportedly partnered on several projects including one for an automotive manufacturer that improved programming speed by 70%. 


Realtime Robotics software controlling robotic arm

Realtime Robotics software is used to program a Kawaski Robotics industrial robot. Image used courtesy of Kawaski Robotics


Kazuhiro Saito, President at Kawasaki Robotics, said their goal is to expand beyond basic robotic motion programming and collision avoidance to “to the very design of the manufacturing floor. This is the future of automation.”


Spot-welding demonstration at Automate 2022

At the Automate 2002 conference this week in Detroit, Kawasaki and Realtime Robotics will be operating a spot-welding demonstration of their hardware and software using two BX100N Kawasaki robots. The BX100N are heavy-duty, floor-mount industrial robots that can handle payloads up to 100 kg with a 2.2 m reach. These are 6-axis articulated robots with position repeatability of ±0.06 mm. 


Kawasaki Robotics BX100N spot-welding demo

Kawaski Robotics BX100N running Realtime Robotics demonstrate spot welding. Image used courtesy of Kawaski Robotics


In the Automate demo, the Kawasaki BX100N robots will employ ARO 3G modular spot welding guns for the simulated welding of a car door. The Realtime Robotics RapidPlan software will be used to demonstrate modification of the robot motion without reprogramming or manual motion planning verification. Users will be able to start, stop, and reset the robots; change target order; and add or remove targets from the programming sequence.


Automatic collision avoidance planning and alerts

During a typical robotic programming validation, the developer will need to manually evaluate every move combination for possible collisions. RapidPlan is designed to output collision-free paths and thereby remove the need to verify against potential collisions. 

“Automotive manufacturers don’t have time or staff to waste. Factory floors and all related actions must be constantly optimized in order to maintain a competitive advantage and continue delivering excellent product to customers,” said Peter Howard, CEO of Realtime Robotics. 

In industrial applications, downtime is expensive and the operating environments can be very tight. Reprogramming a robot in these situations must be fast and safe. It is easy for operators to make a mistake—using the wrong teach pendant or moving the robot in the wrong direction—and cause a collision. The RapidPlan software provides collision alerts before it happens. at Automate will be at the Automate conference this week checking out all the exciting new developments in robotics, automation, and control systems like the Kawasaki Robotics and Realtime Robotics demonstration discussed here. We hope to see you there!