Okuma Introduces New ROID Series of Automation Products 

July 16, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Okuma delivers smart technology for efficient automation in the form of intelligently designed automatic pallet changers. 

Okuma is a leading global provider of CNC machine tools and state-of-the-art machine technology. The company’s product portfolio ranges from I.D. and O.D. grinders, machine centers, lathes, doubles column machines, automatic pallet changers, and more.


The ARMROID LB3000 EX2 next-generation robot system. Image courtesy of Okuma. 


Okuma was founded in 1898 by Eiichi Okuma, and from its humble beginnings as a small-noodle making machine factory situated in Nagoya, Japan, it soon grew its influence to be the technological pioneer it is today. Recently, the Okuma announced the release of its latest robotics products. The Robotic Intelligent Design (ROID) series of automatic pallet changers are designed to execute automated tasks with a high degree of precision, increasing uptime, and overall process efficiency of factory floor operations. 



ARMROID next-generation robot system is a synergy of robotics automation and machine tooling. The technology is comprised of a machine tool with an in-built robotic arm. The device can be used for chip removal, part loading and unloading, chatter suppression, and in-machine cleaning. Other capabilities include auto end-effector change, pulse handling for manipulation of robot movements, and mixed blasting to prevent the tangling of chips.



Within its ROID series, Okuma also provides a standalone robot package, the STANDROID. This bot ensures seamless integration and avoids the use of cumbersome interfaces by using a single operation panel. It is specially designed to interface with Okuma machine tools The compact design of the STANDROID allows manufacturers to economize on space and maximize production capacity. Like the ARMROID, the STANDROID also features pulse handling to give users ultra-fine control to conduct streamlined operations.


The STANDROID standalone robot package. Image courtesy of Okuma.


Other package variations of this bot are available to accommodate for preferred lot size and scope of automation with respect to product requirements. The bot also features OSP control which enables real-time control of both machine tools and robots. The STANDROID is a cost-efficient solution with a user-friendly management system that is ideal for automation applications requiring high-mix, low to medium-volume production. 


Okuma Smart Factory

Okuma’s innovative ROID series of bots are part of an intricate and efficient smart factory system that incorporates advanced IIoT technologies and smart connected products to enable efficient, smart manufacturing. Okuma’s Smart Factory focuses on a scheme designed to maximize factory capacity which utilizes engineering chain and supply chain management to optimize throughput.

Okuma’s smart technology featured in the STANDROID includes determination of machine status for autonomous operations through the Okuma OSP suite. The OSP suite offers users unique capabilities including real-time viewing of power reserve during cutting, chuck pressure calculation, and more. Users can benefit from a  multi-touch, intuitive interface where models can be, enlarged, reduced, moved, and where tool data, programs, and other information can be viewed with ease.