Universal Robots Launches United States’ Largest Virtual Robot Expo to Date

July 13, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

Upon the success of their event in Europe, Universal Robots provides another immersive virtual experience, “The Cobot Expo” this July.

With social distancing procedures being adopted to safeguard the people of the world, businesses have had to find ways of driving forward. For manufacturers in the world of robotics and automation, the pandemic threw a spanner in the works.


UR's Europe Event

Universal Robots (UR) saw the subsequent lull in the supply chain and understood that virtual connectivity would be invaluable in keeping their coworkers and customers up-to-date with their latest advancements. Following the success of Universal Robots’ first virtual collaborative robot expo held for Europe in June 16th-18th, the company will be staging another event to be launched in the U.S.


Universal Robots bring its US customers “The Cobot Expo” tradeshow. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots.


Creating an expansive virtual space for UR’s customers to convene, divulge, and explore varied product news, live demonstrations, and talks given by the experts from the safety of home will enable continued cross-communication during these uncertain times.

This is how UR and its client base stand resilient, with the capacity to develop; utilizing the safe, non-contact capabilities of URs cobots to keep businesses running. Both processes and product lines can be adapted with employers secure in the knowledge that their employees are safe while supporting supply chain demand in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


The U.S. “Cobot Expo”

UR’s first online event in Europe was a tour de force, hosting 50 live keynotes from experts with the opportunity for a virtual audience to ask questions in informative 1-1’s and with UR experts and UR+ partners.

The ever-growing UR+ platform is a cornucopia of UR+ components and application kits (at 250 in number) that stand at 400 approved commercial developer companies in the UR+ program. Keynote talks consisted of industry trends and insights, tips on getting the best performance out of your cobot through the UR Academy, and more on the expansive UR+ ecosystem. 

For its latest virtual event, UR will be hosting for its customers in the U.S. Much of the same activities will be available “The Cobot Expo”, including the opportunity to browse amongst an array of virtual booths where 25 live partner demos of URs cobots will be accessible.


Cobots and COVID-19

Booths will showcase invaluable insights and resources concerning a variety of cobot applications including product inspection, packaging and palletizing, machine tending, assembly, welding, dispensing, and finishing.

During the spring of this year, UR released ActiNav, an autonomous bin picking kit for machine tending never before seen in the robotics space. ActiNav will also be accessible for virtual attendees to explore during the expo. 


Demonstrations of UR cobot capabilities will be accessible to virtual attendees. Image courtesy of Universal Robots.


This event is geared toward supporting manufacturers and guiding them through the supply chain tumult engendered by COVID-19. Autonomous cobots will allow for the more flexible and safe running of factory and plant operations under adherence to social distancing restrictions. URs commitment to educating its community and by doing so, providing a helping hand through this crisis, will no doubt spark advancements in robotics automation. 


The US event will be held on July 28-30, 2020.