Universal Robots Launches World’s Largest Virtual Conference for Collaborative Robots

June 01, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

“We Are Cobots” is the largest virtual exhibition for Universal Robots’ collaborative robots that people will be able to explore at home this June. 

Universal Robots will host a ground-breaking exhibition that will be the largest of its kind, sporting over 30 virtual booths and hosting 50 live keynotes from experts in the field of robotics.


We Are Cobots Event

Virtual attendees will be privy to the latest advancements in robotics automation and are able to explore the exhibit in their own time from the comfort and safety of home. The “World’s Largest Collaborative Robot Expo – We Are Cobots” will be coming to screens near you from June 16 -18, from 10 am to 4 pm CET.


A graphic for the We are Cobots event. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots


During this time, the pandemic has forced the implementation of social distancing procedures, which has drastically slowed down manufacturing supply chains. Employers are trying their hardest to maintain product output for their customers and keep their businesses afloat while ensuring the safety of their employees. Like UR, other industry leaders in automation and technology like Honeywell are also staging an immersive virtual experience to enable their network of customers to keep up-to-date with how they aim to address business challenges during 2020. 


Pre-Expo Low-Down

During the Expo, audiences tuning in all over the globe can explore virtual booths and have informative 1-1 conversations with UR experts and UR+ partners. Not only can the audience participate in these interactive sessions, but they can also delve into live demos of UR cobots and gain an insight into their applications.

Keynote talks will also be a part of the exhibit, featuring talks covering topics from trends and insights, tips on how to get the best out of your cobot from UR's Academy, and the possibilities of their UR+ Ecosystem. All information provided at the event will be available in five languages including English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. 


UR’s Latest Tech and Solutions 

During their own personal venture around the virtual exhibit, plastics manufacturers could explore UR’s new Injection Molding Machine Interface (IMMI). Their IMMI supports and maintains fast and easy communication between e-Series cobots and injection molding machines.

Injection molding machines with EUROMAP 67 and SPI AN-146 communication interfaces will be easily supported by the IMMI. Flexible positioning of cobots coupled with the IMMI’s ability to allow simple set-up, complete application cycle control, and programming provides manufacturers with optimized product output and reduces labor. 


EUROMAP 67 kit for injection. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots.


Another innovation from UR is their ActiNav Autonomous Bin Picking. The system removes time-consuming programming requirements for accurate pick-and-place processes. Instead, ActiNav uses “teach by demonstration” that is underpinned by a quick wizard-guided set-up process that is integrated with the UR cobot teach pendant.

UR combines motion control, collaborative robotics, vision, and sensor systems to enable their cobots to pick up objects and place them into bins with great precision. These are just some of the latest technologies and solutions that are likely to be seen at UR’s virtual expo. 

With the uncertainty regarding the duration of the pandemic and continued enforcement of social distancing procedures, virtual conferencing like that pioneered by UR and Honeywell will be invaluable for customer development and continued business growth worldwide.