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Mk2 Speedtronic
Mk 2 Speedtronic control ground problem. Suspect ground (+ve 125V DC ) is at field contacts from the circuit of Speedtronic.
By sultan khan on 1 June, 2018 - 12:29 pm

Hi.. Dear All,

This is regarding 125 V DC control ground problem in Mk2 speedtronic system. we have +ve ground. voltage level shown is +ve 8 volts and -ve 118V. Suspect grounding is through field contact (through NC contact) of circuits from speedtronic sheet 02G to 02R. The 125V (ter.107) is shown parallelly distributed to 9 circuits of each page. Return from contact is connected to SIIA card.

My question is whether the 125V is connected directly to the contact or through JBA TB behind speedtronic panel? Can some one clarify this point? The 125V DC is shown coming from HLCTB-A ter.22 to 26 (all LOOPED), but we have only 2 cables connected at HLCTB-A 22 and 23.

Someone please give the details of wiring done for these circuits
of sheet 02G to 02R.