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What Is the best sensor to detect movement?
What is the best sensor to pick up the movement of cattle in a chute?


What is the best sensor to use to pick up the movement of cattle in a chute.

What I am trying to do is Catch the animal in the chute. So it walks in, and when it gets to a certain point, it triggers the head gate to catch the animal. Taking into consideration no two cows walk /run the same speed.

I suggest an off-the-shelf Android tablet computer (<$100) mounted overhead and running a visual recognition app to detect when a cow is in position. Link the Android device to your gate control system with Bluetooth, or a USB-serial link. The context is very constrained. You have a chute that only allows single-file cows. You are not trying to distinguish between sheep and goats. You care just trying to distinguish between "cow" and "no cow" in a certain position.