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ABB 2600T Pressure Transmitter
ABB 2600T Pressure Transmitter Sensor Error

Dear all,

I would encourage every single contribution from you all. I have recently procured the ABB 2600T pressure transmitter with ranges of 0 to 1 BarA , which was working perfectly for past some months. Recently i have faced a problem due to some power failure transmitter got disconnected. When it got power back, it’s showing Sensor is been damaged. This was the first time i am facing such problem. It never happened with any other kind of transmitters even. It’s less than year since i have installed it.

Please enlighten me what possible issues could be that cause sensor damage?

It sounds like you've actually had quite good service from all the other transmitters, except this one.

Speculation on possible faults:

- the power failure tripped a valve that created a water hammer pressure spike that damaged the pressure sensor

- that particular PT is the 1 in xxx that fails in the set of all PT's that constitute the set MBTF PTs for which MBTF is calculated.

- power supply overvoltage

- vibration damage causes

- corrosion damage

- near lightning strike takes out electronics

- one of the thousands of transistors in brain chip failed

- a capacitor failed

- a connection to the sensor failed

By Roy Matson on 10 July, 2019 - 1:36 pm

In addition to David 2's comments.

Perhaps overpressure due to trapped liquid warming up or water hammer.
Is it possible to add some gas into the sensing line to absorb any shock or pressure due to thermal expansion?