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Anti Surge Control
Anti Surge Control
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What is anti surge control of centrifugal Compressor. Please explain anyone what different types of instrumentation and control is used in Centrifugal Compressor.

Google is a simple thing.

Try Googling centrifugal compressor surge control. is also a good resource for general information for many topics.

Anti-surge control of a centrifugal compressor involves modulating recycle or blow-off valve(s) to prevent flow reversal that occur in this type of compressors when operating below certain flow rate and above certain compression level. If you are just looking for educational materials there are books that you could Google. If you are looking for a solution to use go to or email solutions at cccglobal. com

Here is also a helpful link where a user describes how his anti-surge control system works. 2.shtml

By radhakrishnan on 20 January, 2009 - 12:42 am

There are two main control schemes involved in controlling a stand-alone compressor - surge control, performance control. When it is a network of parallel, serial or parallel/serial compressors involved, the issue becomes more complex. The type of drive used can make it still more complex. There are many vendors offering systems and packages for compressor control. If it is a new installation involving GE turbines and their compressors, the complete control system will be implemented in Mark VI or Mark VIe Speedtronic control. If it is an upgrade you are considering, try vendors such as CCC, Triconex etc. Some DCS vendors offer configurations that can be implemented in their regular controllers. However, from experience, their performance is not as good as that of the dedicated control systems.

If you are interested in some literature on compressor control, there are many available on-line or in references such as the Instrument Engineers' Handbook (Edited by B G Liptak).

By kaljaro@ on 12 July, 2012 - 3:00 pm

We started our centrifugal comp. After over hauling but the anti surge valve kept fluctuating very fast between 0 - 100 could you tell me the suspected reason please.


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Kaljaro... contact EMERSON Process Management Co. for their 'Whitepaper' entitled, "Compressor Anti-Surge Control Application!"

Regards, Phil Corso

By Florin Omota on 9 November, 2015 - 7:30 am

ASV shall be fast to open but does not mean fast to close. It seems that ASC tuning is not proper, causing oscillations. ASV might be also oversized, and ASV response time relatively slow relative to the ASC tuning.

>We started our centrifugal comp. After over hauling but the
>anti surge valve kept fluctuating very fast between 0 - 100
>could you tell me the suspected reason please.