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William Irish

I have a situation where I would like to route some 4-20ma signals using Ethernet. I have great connectivity through a LAN but little capability
to hard wire some signals. I need a module that would accept a 4-20ma signal and another module that would be the receiver and would output a
corresponding 4-20ma signal. I have seen some devices that will route serial data through Ethernet but they don't provide what I need. Any

William Irish
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You may want to look at what Opto22 has been up to. They have components that should do what you want. There is another company that almost comes to mind ... want to say Busware ... that I recall has Devicenet and Modicon comm interfaces (and probably Ethernet, too) for their DIN rail mounted analog and digital interface modules.

Shannon J. Landry Brightstar Information

Try this company:
Intelligent Instrumentation
(817) 283-2721
Ask for Fletcher Overton

I do not have any experience with their products,
but I seem to remember seeing a brochure for a
product that they sell that may be what you need.

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Hello friend
If you live in it USA, is very easy to ask by the modules GENIUS. it can wire the signs in the field (with twisted pair), until a module
Genius and then by via protected cable (Optical fiber or twisted pair), from the field to a PLC´s series 90-30. Also, the PLC´s series 90-30 you can
insert a module TCP/IP Ethernet for communication with other device

I hope to have helped in something

Nestor Royero
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Robert Willis

William: You can use a Schneider Electric TSX Momentum M1E controller with a Analog Input base on one end and then use another M1E with a Analog Output base. After configuring the Analog Inputs and Outputs for the proper settings you can use the M1E's I/O scanner to send the information to the other M1E which has the Analog Outputs. If you need some additonal information please check out www.modicon.com or send me a E-Mail. The M1E controller has a built in 10MB Ethernet port and will support multiple I/O modules. Regards Robert Willis Square D Company Senior Executive Field Application Engineer E-Mail: [email protected]