A New Alternative to Load Balancer in Maintaining Internet Availability


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Hello everybody,

As mentioned on the subject section, I am looking for an alternative to replace load balancer that is connected to two modems for the purpose of reducing downtime of the internet service.

Basically, the configuration of my system is as follow:-
PC - Load Balancer - Two Modems (one to provide internet/ one as backup)

The load balancer's purpose is to switch or choose which modem to use. It will check which modem has a higher signal and use that modem to connect to the internet. It will also switch to the other modem when one is down to maintain internet availability.

However, the load balancer is costly. Thus, I am seeking for advice from the professionals in communication field whether is there any alternative that can replace the load balancer to choose between which modem to use to access the internet.

Thank you in advance.