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Does anyone have the service manuals for the 8200 series? We require information in order to service our machines and information on how to download programs in these CNC. Also if anyone knows a source of parts for them.
I have a cable pinout for the 8200 RS232 Port and some basic info that I can supply.asap see my website "www.dsmcnc.com" I am also getting copies made of the control drawings...will have them available in about 2 weeks What type of machine is this cnc controlling ?


George Jones

Well Here is what I came up with for loading programs to our AB 8200


Procecure for loading MACRO Tape Into ALLEN BRADLEY CONTROL
JONES & SHIPMAN PM,S 7400, 7401


a. Turn on main power and turn control on.
b. Turn on the hydraulics by pressing the red e-stop reset button.
c. Zero the machine axis’s, press manual, then X , then home, then plus or minus, after X is home then press Z, then plus or minus. When Z is home the fault light should go out. Do not turn off hydraulics for the rest of this procedure.

2. Enter password by typing in (PW,joneship,free]) to see what is in the memory. If the following 17 macro’s are there with 76 feet of remaining memory then you should be ok.. G78, G79, G81, G84, G85, G86, G88, G89, M91, INIT, CAN, RADD, DIN, ANGLE, CHK, STEP, G61. This is more than can be viewed on one page. To see second page press transmitt (]) on machine keyboard.

3. If macro’s are misssing then erase the remaining by typing (CS,IZ ]) You should now have 272 feeet of memory. This will erase all macro’s and parts programs. If all Macro’s are present jump to step 10.

4. If the macro’s need to be loaded configure the port A(25 pin male connector with only 4 pins present 1,2,3,7) this way:

a. Enter with keyboard (PD,9]). The screen should now show Page Parallel port C D.
b. Enter with keyboard (PD,232,A]) The screen should now show serial port A baud rate 300.

c. Enter with keyboard (PD,232,3]) for a baud rate of 1200.
Baud rates: 0=110, 1=300, 2=600, 3=1200, 4=2400, 5=4800,

5. Using TIPML laptop computer connect cable to com 1 and port A of machine. Cable is RS 232 communication cable. (This cable is stored in machine PM 7400 in building 510)

Laptop end 9 pin female Machine end 25 pin female


5. Turn on Laptop. Double Click shortcut to extreme DNC server.

Select with a single click (AB 8200 JONESSHIPMAN PM7400 7401)

Connect Etreme DNC to machine either by single clicking the fingers dialing a phone or keyboard command ALT+Shift+H ( AB 8200 will now have a green indicator to its left)

a. Single click the a program on the list (ANGLE.NC ) it will be blue now

b. Position mouse pointer on send button ( Top left of screen)

6. Enter on machine keyboard (CS,TA])
( You will only have about 5 seconds to complete step 7 if you are too slow you will get a reader not ready and a fault light on the machine if this happens simply press (RDR PUNCH) button on machine to clear fault. Then try again starting at step 5 a.)

6. Press large or left mouse button to send selected file.

7. Machine screen will flash executing while program is loading. Longer program longer executing flashes on short programs you may not see it.

8. When the program is loaded machine screen will show program name (ANGLE) with feet of memory used and also feet of memory remaining.

9. Follow the same procedure for each program step 5 a. - 8 until all 17 programs are loaded. At this time there should be 76 feet of memory remaining.

10. Type in machine keyboard (PW,joneship,Lock]) to lock in macro’s.

11. Machine should now be ready to run.

Reference Information

Macro name and length in feet

G78 3.7
G79 6.4
G81 7.4
G84 7.4
G85 10.1
G86 8.5
G88 5.3
G89 5.8
M91 33.0
INIT 22.9
CAN 3.2
RADD 23.4
CHK 6.4
STEP 10.1
G61 25.6
DIN 8.5

Control Setting Properites for AB 8200 JONES & SHIPMAN PM 7400
Com port 1
Data Bits 7
Parity Bit Even
Baud rate 1200
Stop Bits 1
Flow control None
ISO (High ASCII normally 7 data bits even parity)

If for any reason the 17 Macro files are not in extreme DNC they are also in a folder on the desktop named Jones & Shipman Macro’s. Also in both machines is a disk with the Macro’s stored on them. With the above properties in terminal mode of Extreme DNC Send the program to the machine one at time until all are loaded. Then lock

A useful command is (CS,TT]) This shows all parts programs loaded but will not show macro’s if they are locked. To see next page press (]) Transmitt on machine yellow button.

Note : This procedure was used to load PM 7400 in building 510 in May of 2002 . The person’s involved were Steven Lee from the company D&S Neo-Tech. 801-392-4115. And George Jones TIPML 7-8088.

The cd with Extreme DNC (which should be loaded on Tipml’s Laptop) if is needed it is stored in building 510 contact Steve Horn or Craig.