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Vega M. Hernan M.

Hi List:

I am working in crushing plant project and we are considering to use ABB Advant 450 DCS connected via MODBUS to a SLC/505 AB PLC. In the DCS we will use CI 532/V02 comm. card and in the PLC we are considering to use 3150-MCM/1451-9F, comm card.

I will appreciate any experiences using these devices.

Hernan Vega

Carlos Roberto Moeckel


I have a large experience with ABB AC450 using CI532V02 (MODBUS card) and I think that you will not have problems at ABB side.

I used this card to link AC450 with much different equipment: GE-Fanuc, Siemens, Schneider, etc.

It can work at single or redundant mode using the 2 channels of the card.

Good luck,