AC Servo Drive - Baldor Series 23h - Help required.


Im a service technician for a company that specialises in drilling tools. I was tasked to set up a new repair on one of our electronic sub-assemblies. Part of the repair on these tools is that it needs to be calibrated on a 'rotary calibration table'. We have two systems, one that controls the 'tilit' of the table, and the other the rpm of the tool itself on that table. We received the equipment from our district in Canada due to them shutting down, (im in the UK). This repair has not been very well documented and a lot of the people who helped to set this repair up are no longer with the company. Anyway i have set everything up as i have been shown. The tilt controller and motor are supplied with 110v 60hz, and the rpm is supplied with 208v @ 50 hz. Initially this would have both been at 60hz due to canadian mains supply.

The problem i am having is not with the tilt controller but with the RPM controller/motor. a Baldor AC servo drive - series 23h is used to control the speed. When i powered on for the first time the keypad that comes with the controller read, 'lost user data'. This is because the lithium cell that powers the RAM memory for storing user data had died and had been replaced with 2x AA batteries. However these batteries had also died before being powered on and replaced. The equipment was sent to us in November last year and due to all the things going on this year we were delayed in getting it set up so the batteries had died also. I cleared the fault log, and factory reset. As it was factory re-set i had to re-program the parameters that had been pre-calculated by the guys in Canada. After doing so, they keypad read that the motor was running above 3000 rpm with no user in put. We set the controller to run by serial communication as we use our own software to give commands. However programming etc is all done via the keypad. I briefly managed to get the keypad to read 0 rpm, but as soon as i give the command of 5rpm from software or keypad, the motor jerks and comes to a sudden stop. The max speed is set to 600 rpm and the fault protection kicks in and shuts the motor off if reaches above 10% of the max input speed parameter.

I'm just curious if there is anyone here with experience working on these drives and can give me any advice. I have very little knowledge on this and im a bit lost with where to go.

I am going to contact ABB (baldor) support to see if they can offer any advice but in the meantime if there is anyone here who can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.