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Ross Helver


Does any one know the name of company/ies that sell drivers for PLC's that are ActiveX controls.
If you could point me out to web sites it would be


Kiel-1, Larry


I don't know of a comprehensive list of all the ActiveX controls suppliers but you might start with some of the SCADA manufacturers and the OPC foundation. One of the SCADA manufacturers that supports ActiveX is ICONICS, and their web site
is: The web site for the OPC foundation use to be
but for some reason I wasn't able to access their site today. Maybe someone else knows if they have a new web address. By the way, if you have a specific PLC in mind you should probably contact
technical service department.

Larry Kiel

I have used / am using their ActiveX for communicating to an AB through Ethernet (SLC or PLC5). Cost was about $1000 USD, but it is VERY straightforward and easy to use. I recommend them

--Joe Jansen
Sorry to hear Bill had problems with Parijat. I've used their DH+ OCX and it has run absolutely flawlessly. They were also a tremendous help during the design.
It worked OK, but I had many disagreements with them on license transfer when I wanted to switch to my laptop computer from my desktop. They
wanted me to buy a new license.

I was also miffed that their advertisement claimed no hardware or software copy protection, and then when I installed it, it would not run until I called them and got a passcode. Gee, that sure sounds like software copy protection to me.

I threw my $500.00 investment into the garbage can!

The folks at Cimquest were much more upfront about their licensing policy. They licensed the development environment to me, not my computer. They gave me a permanent passcode that I could use on any computer.

I also used their demo disk to generate a real working runtime system while at my customer site. As soon as I got home, I ditched the Parijat stuff and gladly sent Cimquest money for their software, which I had already used.

Bill Sturm
Your experiences are exactly the same as what myself and many of my clients had with the Parijat controls -- they actually told some
of my clients that you had to pay $500 if you needed to move the license from one PC to another or if your hard drive crashed and you had to reinstall --

For those reasons i switched all my clients present and future to the INGEAR controls

J. Weber
Why don't you post the serial number, they gave it to you . We will test it out.
Ps: Also From your letter, I am not sure which
software company you are talking about.
For Omron PLC's there is the Compolet software which is about £450 for runtime and about £800 for development. really friendly to use. I dont know what the US cost is?

D Stableford.
At this time I am testing Consolitec ActiveX
The pricing pull me in to test this drivers
If things work well this should be considered
a good choice, the package comes with the most common tools that you need to build a robust custom solution. Check it out.
Rico at [email protected]