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We have an old ABB IHM system MV850 (2 units) which are connected to a MB300 control network. We have also 19 MP200 and 1 AC450 in this MB300 network. We wish to replace these MV850 units and install another SCADA package, but keeping MP200, AC450 and MB300. The problem is how to collect about 13000 process data and make them available for monitoring and operation?

As we know, if we use ABB advant system and MB300 network, we have to use RTA board from ABB to collect real time data from that network. We are interested in the OPC solution. In this case does any body know about the use of RTA board to collect data and working with another IHM system (not using ABB OperateIT HMI)? How we can do this? What performance we can reach using this solution?
The MasterView series was the fore runner to the Advang HMI on the UNIX based platform. Today we offer hi speed unix stations that operate well over five times the speed of the old masterview. Masterview dumps would have to be taken from the engineering work station and sent. Then Unix could replace Masterview with some rewritting of graphics. All I/O would remain in place. Configurations could also kept on dvd instead of the old dat tape system. You need to be looking at and talking to.....

Salvador Banos

We have recently replaced 4 Unix Advant HMI systems that used RTA boards to communicate through the MB300 to 3 AC450 controllers.

We used NOVOTEK OPC server and using Cimplicity as HMI. The Novotek OPC server communicates with the Masterbus using only an ethernet card. This is a great advantage since it eliminates the need of an RTA board which is very expensive and as far as we know, propiatory to ABB. The NOVOTEK OPC server also offers an Alarms and Events collector which allows to get the time stamp from the AC450 controllers.