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I'm looking for the ANSI/ISA standards document The ANSI/ISA ISA-5.3-1983 [Graphic Symbols for Distributed Control/Shared Display Instrumentation, Logic, and Computer Systems]. where can i look to get it??
If you are an ISA member, you can read it online at

If you aren't an ISA member, you can purchase it at

If you don't want to purchase it, and you don't want to join ISA, I strongly recommend that you not try to get it for free, because that is stealing, and this list doesn't condone that.

ISA spends a considerable sum (close to $1 million annually) developing standards, and the only way they get any cost coverage is to sell copies of the standards.

Please contribute to the standards effort at ISA by purchasing the standard you need, or by becoming an ISA member.

Walt Boyes
(wearing my ISA volunteer hat)

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Bob Peterson

Curious Walt. You say ISA members can "read" the standard. What happened to the plan you announced not too long ago that ISA members could for a nominal fee (something like $25/year) download whatever standards they wanted?